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Velveeta Cheese Favorite Dishes Recipe Brochure, Kraft 1950s

Velveeta Cheese Favorite Dishes Recipe Brochure, Kraft 1950s

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Favorite Velveeta Dishes fold-out recipe brochure, 1950s, Kraft Foods.

Invented during the First World War, the Velveeta Cheese Company was sold to Kraft in 1927 and the product has been a staple of the business ever since.  During the early years, Velveeta was advertised as a nutritious health food, emphasizing its protein and calcium value for both growing children and adults.  In the early 1930s, the American Medical Association conferred its seal of approval, furthering the idea that Velveeta had healthful qualities. 

By the middle of the 20th century, Velveeta was used as a cheese product in a variety of recipes and was promoted as "a bargain in nutrition."  With a striking cover that screams "mid-century cocktail party," this evocative brochure, measuring approximately 5 5/8" x 3 1/4" when folded, opens to reveal recipes with black-and-white photographs while transporting the reader to the 1950s!

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