At The Vintage Kitchen and Garden, our goal is to bring new life to well-loved objects from the past.

There are so many ways to use vintage pieces to create a beautiful floral arrangement with garden blooms or a bouquet from the farmer's market or florist. Vintage floral vessels such as vases, planters, pitchers, baskets, and wall pockets provide a traditional way to use a treasured item to create a striking floral centerpiece. But, other kitchen and dining pieces can serve as vases too, like teapots and teacups, creamers and sugar bowls, soup tureens, and glassware and barware, to name a few. And, using fruits and vegetables from the garden - think pumpkins, gourds, apples, or pomegranates - to create vases for your floral arrangements is the ultimate sustainable way of brightening your table!

The Vintage Kitchen and Garden will offer curated floral arrangements in vintage vessels in the very near future...

  • Peonies, roses, and astilbe

  • Lacecap and mophead hydrangeas

  • Oakleaf hydrangeas, daylilies, astilbe, and carrot blossoms

  • Majolica pitcher and plate with basils, rosemary, thyme, and marjoram.

  • Victorian hand-blown glass bridal basket vases

  • Niloak tulip vase with Autumn Joy sedum, rosemary, and obedient plant.

  • Winter...Charmelia, raffine, carnations, and chrysanthemums and arranged with blupleurum (hares ear) in a pink hand-blown spangle glass basket.

  • Winter...Roses, lilies, and alstromeria in a sea of hand-blown glass baskets and vases.

  • Spring...Astilbe, oakleaf hydrangeas, daylilies, fleabane, and carrot blossoms.

  • Summer...Zinnias, cosmos, snapdragons, lantana, and sedum are arranged with lavender and pineapple sage blossoms from the herb garden in a vintage yellow McCoy vase.

  • Late Summer...Sunflowers, zinnias, marigolds, and orange rudbeckia (or Black-eyed Susan) are arranged with rosemary from the herb garden in a vintage ceramic vase from France atop a vintage Italian platter.

  • Autumn...Chrysanthemums, marigolds, carnations, and sedum blooms, are arranged with greens from Obedient plants (or false dragonhead), geraniums, and goldenrod, with berry accents, all in a pumpkin vase.