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Trees as Good Citizens by Charles Lathrop Pack, 1923

Trees as Good Citizens by Charles Lathrop Pack, 1923

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Trees as Good Citizens by Charles Lathrop Pack, Fourth Printing, February 1923

"Dedicated to every man, woman, and child who plants a tree."  This lovely ode to the tree, published when Pack was president of The American Tree Association, provides a beautifully comprehensive look at all variety of trees with charmingly written information that is even more important today than when the book was released 100 years ago. 

"From every point of view, shade trees are of vast importance to the dweller in city, town or country.  In beauty, in comfort and in public health the shade tree is the indispensable and never failing friend of man."

Written by Charles Lathrop Pack and originally published by The American Tree Association in 1922. Hardcover edition in full green cloth binding. Dust jacket is absent.  Measuring approximately 6 1/4" x 9 1/4", the book contains 257 pages with photos, black-and-white illustrations, and color plates. Some page discoloration from age and slight page crack between first color plate and title page.

This book will be a very special addition to the library of anyone who cares about the natural world.




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