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Royal Baker and Pastry Cook, Recipe Cookbooklet, Royal Baking Powder 1896

Royal Baker and Pastry Cook, Recipe Cookbooklet, Royal Baking Powder 1896

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Royal Baker and Pastry Cook, written by Professor G. Rudmani (Late Chef de Cuisine of the New York Cooking School) and published by the Royal Baking Powder Company in New York.  Copyright 1896.

Filled with hundreds of compactly written recipes, homemaker tips, and dozens of testimonials from scientific and governmental "experts", this delightful cookbooklet from the Royal Baking Powder Company, once one of the reigning producers in the world, provides a glimpse into early corporate advertising efforts.  With convenience a timeless homelife desire and safety concerns every-present, the Royal Baking Company relied on the expertise of the heralded Professor Rudmani to convince homemakers that their product was the one to buy!

This lovely little booklet, which, according to the introduction "must be carefully read by every one using this book", gives the reader a rare chance to experience homelife in the late-Victorian era.  Sprinkled among the many recipes are warnings against purchasing "loose baking powder", otherwise referred to as "such poisonous stuff" and with an emphasis on the purity and superior quality of Royal Baking Powder.

The size of this booklet is approximately 8 x 5 1/8 with 44 pages.  There is some paper discoloration from more than 125 years of age and the interior pages, while all secured together, are loose from the cover.

This is an early original edition of Royal Baker and Pastry Cook.  There were many editions published over the years as well as reproductions.  Even the Smithsonian Institution has a copy in its collections, but an edition dated 1911!

A rare treasure that allows the reader, and cook, to be transported to another age!


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