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Parakeet Wall Pocket Pair, Royal Copley, Mid-century

Parakeet Wall Pocket Pair, Royal Copley, Mid-century

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Set of Two Royal Copley Parakeet Pair Wall Pockets.

Royal Copley ceramics were manufactured by the Spaulding China Company of Sebring, Ohio between 1941 and 1957.  This striking set of wall pockets, each featuring a pair of parakeets perched on a branch, is glazed in an evocative mid-century color palette which combining the two products for which Royal Copley was best known:  figural planters and small figurines. These shades of green and burgundy were at the height of trendiness during the middle years of the 20th century and would have been used in fabrics, decorative housewares, dinnerware, and furnishings.

Wall pockets became popular during the late 19th century. Victorians loved flowers and wanted them throughout the homes and in their lives. It was during this time that names like Daisy, Iris, Violet, and even Flora came into vogue. Flowers were desired everywhere and so the wall pocket was invented. Made of ceramics, porcelain, or glass, wall pockets are flat-backed decorative objects that hang on a wall to provide a vase effect, thus explaining their alternate name, wall vases. These charming wall hangings were meant to hold cut flowers or to root ivy or other plants. The Victorian craze crossed the pond to the United States in the early 20th century, with wall pockets growing in popularity during the time between World War I and World War II.  While the earliest examples were glass, the most popular ceramics examples were created in a wide range of designs and colors through the 1950s, with inventories growing and changing along with popular tastes.

Measuring approximately 7" x 3 1/4" x 2 3/4" each, these parakeets will look adorable on any wall, in any room, and will create a mid-century vibe instantly!


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