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Paden City Pottery Shenandoah Ware "Golden Scepter" Yellow Rose Tea Cup Set of Six

Paden City Pottery Shenandoah Ware "Golden Scepter" Yellow Rose Tea Cup Set of Six

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Paden City Pottery Shenandoah Ware tea cup set of six in "Golden Scepter" pattern.

Set includes six cups and two saucers, all embellished with lovely yellow roses and gold rim trim.  Perfect for afternoon tea, brunch, or a festive seasonal breakfast.

In the early 1900s, a group of Pittsburgh investors bought three farms owned by a man name Paden located near Sisterville, West Virginia for the purpose of creating a new industrial town. The town was named Paden City.  The pottery, established in 1914, was the first industry in the new city with the company initially making art ware and kitchenware in brown and white.  

In the 1920s, Paden City Pottery began manufacturing high quality, semi-porcelain dinnerware, and the company became a pioneer in its production, using a spraying apparatus to apply colored glazes. A commitment to continually purchase new equipment designed to speed up the production process helped the company weather the Depression. The quality of Paden City’s decals was such that their ware often was assumed to be hand painted.

The 1950s saw the introduction of more new lines. The Shenandoah Ware line was made in plain colors with different decorations, and while some were unnamed, this classic mid-century flower pattern, featuring a lovely yellow rose motif, is called "Golden Scepter."  

We offer a number of other pieces in the "Golden Scepter" pattern to make or complete a set.

Imagine tea or luncheon or breakfast with bright yellow roses overflowing from vases and sprinkled across the plates, cups, and saucers...summertime on your table!



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