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Pet Nonfat Dry Milk Recipes by Mary Lee Taylor, 1953

Pet Nonfat Dry Milk Recipes by Mary Lee Taylor, 1953

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Nonfat Dry Milk Recipes Cookbooklet by Mary Lee Taylor, 

Published by Pet Milk Company, St. Louis, MO and distributed as an advertising giveaway, Nonfat Dry Milk Recipes provides "an ideal way to give your family delicious, nourishing food at a real saving!"  The 1950s saw the launch of thousands of convenience foods designed to make mealtime easier.  To promote these products, companies printed recipe booklets to show just how innovative and convenient they products were.  Pet Milk Company decided to pitch the low calorie, nourishing aspects of its nonfat dry milk with this cookbooklet.

Sized at just 6" x 4" with 30 pages, this booklet has a great orange and yellow color scheme throughout and is filled with mid-century line illustrations to show cooking techniques and finished dishes.  Recipes include beverages, breads, desserts, main dishes, salads, soups, and vegetables.

Very nice condition with vibrant colors.

A true throwback to the middle of the 20th century and a point in time when cooking and eating changed dramatically!

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