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Hobnail Glass Basket, Pink with Clear Bamboo Handle and Crimped Ruffled Edge

Hobnail Glass Basket, Pink with Clear Bamboo Handle and Crimped Ruffled Edge

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Pink hobnail glass basket with clear bamboo handle.

We were so fortunate to be able to purchase a stunning group of glass basket vases from a collector who assembled her collection in the 1960s.  Identification from the original sources made it so much more fun and interesting for us as our appreciation for these very special treasures grew beyond our initial reaction to their exquisite beauty.

Sized at approximately 7 1/2" tall x 7 3/8" from front to back x 6 1/4" wide, this charming glass basket vase dates from the very early years of the 20th century.  Perfect as a bride's basket, centerpiece for a baby shower or afternoon tea, or filled with bonbons, this little beauty will be sure to bring joy and spark conversation.

Hobnail glass has a regular overall pattern of raised knobs, created by a process of either blowing a glass vessel into a mold or pressing the glass into a mold.  We believe this example was blown given its early date and lack of pressed glass markings.  Popular during Victorian times, hobnail glass was also referred to as "Dew Drop Glass" and was produced by the hand-blown method in translucent, colored glass.  In 1939, the American Fenton Glass Company introduced their first hobnail pattern in translucent glass; after 1950, hobnail from Fenton was produced using milk glass as a base.

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