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Depression Glass Sandwich Plate "Pineapple and Floral" Pattern, Indiana Glass Company

Depression Glass Sandwich Plate "Pineapple and Floral" Pattern, Indiana Glass Company

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"Pineapple and Floral" pattern Depression Glass sandwich plates by the Indiana Glass Company.

Depression glass, the inexpensively made colored glassware manufactured primarily during the Depression years, was ubiquitous in households across America, and for good reason. It was produced in dozens of patterns and in great quantities for sale at five and dime stores like F.W. Woolworth, McCrory's, and Ben Franklin, for giveaways at movie theaters and gas stations, and as a "prize" in boxes of Quaker Oats oatmeal and other consumer products.  During one of the darkest periods in American history, this brightly colored, cheerfully designed glassware adorned family tables with hope for a better future.

The "Pineapple and Floral" pattern was manufactured by the Indiana Glass Company, one of about 20 companies that made almost 100 patterns in more than 20 colors that included green, pink, amber, blue, yellow, amethyst, and ruby as well as shades like jadeite, milk glass, and iridescent.  Simple meals made from rationed ingredients became a bit more enjoyable when served on glassware designed to mimic fancy cut glass.  The result for us, is a wealth of charmingly beautiful glassware in so many designs and colors that there is surely a pattern for everyone!

While the "floral" part of the pattern name is obvious, the "pineapple" part is a bit more subtle.  The combination of the two -- the pineapple as a traditional symbol of welcome and the flowers as a riotous celebration of the garden -- makes for a most joyful piece when entertaining friends and family. 

This plate measures approximately 11 1/4" in diameter.

Bring the garden and sunshine and promise of summer into your home with this beautifully welcoming serving plate!


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