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Ceramic Arts Studio Figurine, Garden Girl in Overalls, 1940-1956

Ceramic Arts Studio Figurine, Garden Girl in Overalls, 1940-1956

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Ceramic Arts Studio Figurine, Garden Girl in Overalls.

The Ceramic Arts Studio of Madison, Wisconsin (CAS) produced decorative figurines, wall plaques, salt and pepper sets, and head vases from 1942 until its closing in 1956.  Its wares could be found in many American homes throughout the middle years of the 20th century.  At the height of its success, CAS was one of the largest manufacturers of figurines in the world, distributing up to 500,000 pieces annually to better gift and department stores as the result of its reputation for original styling and consistently high quality of workmanship and decoration. The increase in Japanese imports in the 1950s eventually undercut the CAS market and led to the company’s demise.

In 1942, Betty Harrington visited the Ceramic Arts Studio and asked the owners to fire a figurine she had sculpted from clay found in her backyard.  Recognizing her artistic talent, co-owner Reuben Sand refused a fee, but instead asked Harrington to model more figures.  It was the beginning of Harrington’s career as a potter, and over the next 14 years she designed more than 800 figurines for the company. Today Harrington’s designs are recognized for their originality and skillful modeling.

This charming garden girl, dressed in her blue overalls and yellow straw hat, is taking a well-deserved nap after a day of digging and planting and watering.  Measuring approximately 5 1/4" x 2", she is ready for a new home on a shelf or stack of gardening books!

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