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General Baking Company Bond Bread Cookbooklet, 1931, Depression-era Recipes

General Baking Company Bond Bread Cookbooklet, 1931, Depression-era Recipes

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88 Mealtime Surprises made with Bond Bread, published by General Baking Co. in 1931.

Filled with recipes designed to stretch the family dollar during the Great Depressions, this cookbooklet with a classic 1930s yellow and green color scheme claims that "every woman knows that good bread, used judiciously, can make almost any dish go twice as far when there are hungry mouths to fill!"

The General Baking Company distributed this book widely as a targeted advertising giveaway used to convey "why more than a million women prefer Bond Bread."  Desserts, canapes, main and sides dishes, and of course toast and sandwiches all include bread or bread crumbs.  Old favorites such as Cream Sandwich Loaf with three different fillings, Tuna Fish a la King, Pineapple Betty are waiting to be revived in the 21st century.

With 28 pages and measuring approximately 7" x 5", this cookbooklet is in very nice condition with vibrant colors throughout.  Some minor discoloration on the cover.

Perhaps these dishes can stretch today's dollar in the same way they did during the Great Depression?  Or, perhaps, they will just be new and different ways to use bread in a tasty fashion!  Either way, these cozy recipes are sure to please.



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