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Blown Glass Basket Vase with Triangular Handle and Ruffled Edge

Blown Glass Basket Vase with Triangular Handle and Ruffled Edge

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Pink and white blown glass basket vase with a straight amber crisscrossed handle and crimped ruffled rim.

This lovely basket vase is a beautiful example of art glass basketry.  In a stunning shade of pink on the outside with a white interior and a dramatic amber handle, the basket measures approximately 9" tall x 5" wide x 4 3/4" front to back.  The ruffled edge and mirror-smooth finish is a testament to the creative vision and artistic talent of a glassmaker who challenged classic Victorian basket vase styles with this minimalist alternative. 

We were so fortunate to be able to purchase a stunning group of glass basket vases from a collector who assembled her collection in the 1960s.  Identification from the original sources made it so much more fun and interesting for us as our appreciation for these very special treasures grew beyond our initial reaction to their exquisite beauty.

Imagine bringing this one-of-a-kind beauty into your home for use as a show stopping flower vase...or fill with candies or miniature cookies to adorn your table for afternoon tea...or use as the Victorians did and showcase the basket on the wedding party table.  Either way, this unique stunner will spark conversation and joy!



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